Spring Vacation Planning on a Budget

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Spring is finally within reach. As Spring Break is practically upon us and as the weather improves, it’s easy to think about planning a Spring vacation. So what’s stopping you from booking that next flight to the beach? Oh, right…money.

Spring vacation planning can be difficult if you are under financial stress or on a strict budget. The good news is there is a way to still enjoy a Spring vacation, even when money is tight.

Plan Accordingly. Finances might make it difficult to plan an impromptu spring vacation or trip, especially if you are already struggling to pay your bills. However, by taking the time to plan upfront, you can still enjoy a nice Spring break, regardless of whether it is a week-long getaway or a long romantic weekend. Some ideas can include short day trips, planning and preparing your own meals, carpooling or splitting the overall cost with family or friends.

Set a Budget. Even if you decide to play your own adventure, you can still do so successfully by setting a budget. In fact, most people would be surprised to see how little they spend when traveling…if they stick to a realistic budget. This might mean putting in a little more effort upfront such as doing researching deals and coupons for hotels, flights, rental cars, and so on, and even setting an approximate cost of a particular trip.

Then, once you determine an estimated total trip cost, then you can budget from there. Start saving a little bit each week towards funding your vacation and you might be surprised to see how easily this is to achieve.

Make it a Staycation. If neither of the above are options, whether due to availability or costs, then why not consider a staycation? Staycations are becoming more and more popular today, particularly for families with children, as travel costs increase. Staycations can be just as enjoyable and exciting, especially with planning fun activities such as day trips, games, etc. They are also a stress-free way to enjoy your vacation, and are easier on your wallet.

There’s still time to plan that impromptu Spring break trip…and save money! By planning accordingly and setting a realistic budget, you can practically enjoy any activity or Spring break trip. Staycations are also great Spring break options, especially as the weather improves.

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