Financial Fitness for the New Year

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Now that the holidays are over, everyone is thinking about fitness. Eating healthier, joining a gym, getting back into shape, and maybe even making some lifestyle changes are all the buzz right now.

However, this time of year can also be about financial fitness. So in addition to adjusting your waistline, here are some ways you can also fill in that extra space in your jeans with cash in your pockets.

Where Do You Start? Much like losing weight, the biggest struggle is determining where to start and sticking with it. It’s easy to wake up in the morning and say aloud or think, “I’m going to start working out and eating right…today.” But, then what happens? It’s easier to eat fast food and sit and watch TV, especially with our busy lifestyles.

However, financial fitness is much like physical fitness where it’s necessary to determine a starting point and sticking with it. It’s about discipline and commitment.

For someone trying to lose weight, they might say, “I want to lose 3 pounds per week”, or “I want to be X pounds by X time.” Committing to a budget works much the same way. Start off small. Make a commitment to save $10 per week or $20…and as this makes a difference over time, you can up your savings limit and begin reaching financial goals.

Do Your Homework. What do you do to get motivated to exercise? Maybe you read diet or fitness books or blogs or subscribe to magazines to educate yourself. Although debt and money management and personal finance aren’t the most riveting topics to read about, educating yourself and doing your homework is still important.

There is a great deal of resources available. Hit the web for recommended books, workbooks, blogs, and other DIY resources that help you recognize your money management pitfalls and give advice on how to accomplish your financial goals.

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