Tired of Feeling Broke All the Time?

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The month or two after the holidays can be difficult. We are all bombarded with higher bills from holiday gift giving. While this time of year seems to be the most difficult financially, many often feel financial pressure all year long.

If this sounds like you, then check out these few tips on how to stop feeling broke all the time.

Manage Your Savings Accounts. First things first: if you don’t yet have a savings account, it’s time to open one. You might feel a little apprehensive about doing this, especially if you don’t feel like you can save. However, setting up and even naming a savings account, can help you commit to saving all year. This is a great habit to get into while 2015 is still new and fresh.

What most don’t realize is that even committing to saving a small amount of money—it could be as little as $20 per week—can make a huge difference in savings. Over time, this can really add up and can serve as a small emergency cushion or even put towards debt. Establishing a savings account should really be a factor in any long-term financial planning.

Adjust Billing Schedules. Do you ever feel like you have to pay your bills all at once? This feeling can be frustrating and overwhelming; however, it doesn’t have to be this way. Did you know that you can adjust your own billing schedules and sometimes even choose your own due dates? This can help individuals to manage their own bills, plan and manage expenses accordingly, and even align bills with paychecks.

Individuals can typically choose between the beginning, middle, and end of the month to pay their bills. It’s also important to figure out your own paycheck schedules or which weeks of the month you are likely to see some form of income. Then, schedule bills accordingly.

Stop Listening to Others. It’s easy to get down in the dumps about money when you see others going on lavish vacations, buying new cars, TVs or boats, or even properties, however, it’s important to remind yourself that everyone’s financial situation is different. While you might feel alone that everyone you know is financially stable, remember that they could be racking up credit card debt or even emptying a 401K to purchase luxurious items.

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