How to Find Time for Money Management

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We’ve talked a great deal about money management and the best approaches and ways to go about setting realistic budgets and financial expectations, overcoming financial hurdles and challenges, and becoming debt free.

However, what if money management was really just tied to timing? In today’s busy world and society, who has time to actually sit down and pay bills? Did you know that the average person spends approximately twenty minutes balancing their checkbook and another twenty minutes paying bills? The average person spends approximately thirty minutes per week on managing expenses and paying bills.

While this doesn’t seem like a lot of time in the grand scheme of things, thirty minutes each week can amount up to a lot, especially when we already struggle balancing jobs and families.

The resources at our fingertips…literally. The good news is there are a number of ways to use time a little more wisely and efficiently to manage bills for proper money management. For example, there are a number of apps that assist individuals in managing money on the go. In fact, money management apps are probably the most common of resources to assist with pay bills and managing expenses today. Check out some of these top money management apps for more information.

While some of us may cringe at the thought of downloading and looking at another app when our smartphones and tablets are already full with sometimes seemingly useless apps, perhaps taking a second away from playing trivia, updating Facebook, or texting and opening up at that money management app can make all the difference. Considering the amount of time we use our smartphones for other purposes, it’s also possible to look at our money management apps just as often. Using this time wisely can make a huge difference in managing expenses.

Automatic payments. Another helpful tip in managing money, particularly for those that struggle with time, is setting up automatic payments. For those recurring monthly expenses that you may often forget about, why not consider setting them for automatic electronic payments? This way the bill is paid on time, every time, and the money is pulled straight from your bank account.

The only important thing to consider when selecting this money management time-saver is to ensure that the money in your bank account is available at the time the bill is due. However, this also might force you to keep track of your bills and expenses to make sure enough cash is available at all times.

Finally, there are a number of ways to get on top of money management and to make sure bills are being paid on time and on a regular basis. If you find yourself short on cash due to a lack of time and planning your budget, contact Affordable Title Loans for help. Affordable Title Loans can help you acquire a small lump sum of cash to catch up on bills to ensure you remain debt free and that you are paying your bills on time. And, don’t worry, it only takes up to fifteen minutes to process title loan applications.

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