How to Qualify for a Title Loan

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If you’ve ever struggled financially—and who hasn’t?—you may have thought about title loans to help you get out of debt. However, you may be worried about what a title loan will cost you long term or if you even qualify.
Here is the low down on title loans and how to qualify.
What Do I Need to Qualify for a Title Loan?
Most people think they need good credit to qualify for a title loan. This just simply isn’t true. In fact, title loans are great debt and money management options for those who have poor credit and cannot seek a loan or other source of financing through traditional lending institutions.
To qualify for a title loan, applicants need:

•    To own a vehicle (a car, truck, motorcycle, or even ATV)
•    Proof of insurance on the vehicle
•    A job or steady source of income
No Title? No Problem!
If you have all the above qualifications, but you can’t seem to find a copy of the title for your vehicle, don’t panic. The title loan experts at Affordable Title Loans can help here. We can contact the registry to obtain title documentation on your behalf before reviewing your title loan application.
How Much Can I Borrow?
The amount Affordable Title Loans allows to borrowers often depends on the vehicle’s worth. You are welcome to do your homework to find out what your vehicle is worth, or you can work with a title loan expert to determine this before completing an application. Typically amounts range anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000, but this often depends on a number of factors and considerations.
Aren’t Title Loans Expensive?
Yes, sometimes this can be the case…if you decide to work with a competitor. Affordable Title Loans are the good guys in a tough industry. Title loans often have a stigma attached to them and are tied with organizations that are less than reputable and ethical. Affordable Title Loans is here to tell you and show you that we are different. We are hospitable, friendly, and are in the business to help people, not take advantage of them…especially when they are in difficult financial situations.
Affordable Title Loans’ rates are often less than what applicants would find with our competitors. While some competitors offer title loans as much as 300%, we try to cut our title loan rates in half. This typically depends on the credit worthiness and risk of the applicant.
Finally, if you think you won’t qualify or can’t get a title loan, don’t give up hope yet. Call Affordable Title Loans at one of our locations today. We serve clients in Utah, Idaho, and throughout Nevada.

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