4 Amazing Ways Affordable Title Loans Can Help You

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Affordable Title Loans is a title loan company that specializes in helping clients with their debt management and money management problems. But we are situated in an industry that can be challenging.

Unfortunately, the title loan industry is one that has somewhat of a poor reputation, known for mistreating individuals and even taking advantage of them in troubling financial situations. We are here to tell you we are different…and here’s why.

We Offer Fair Payment Structures. Our payment plans include interest and principle. This means that a loan has two parts. First, the “principle” is the initial amount that an applicant borrows. The second is the interest rate, or the amount of money a title loan company charges a borrower for borrowing money. When applicants pay back their loans, they make payments on both interest and principle, which covers the cost of borrowing the loan.

So what does all this mean? Don’t work with a title loan company that doesn’t offer a payment structure like this. A loan payment that doesn’t include interest and principle will cost you more money, and you will never pay down your debt!

Lost or Out-of-State Title.In order to borrow a title loan, we need the title of a vehicle. But, life happens. We understand this. If you lost or do not have a copy of your title, don’t fret! As long as you own your car free and clear, we can still work on processing the loan and even apply for a new title for your vehicle on your behalf. Come to us first instead of going to the DMV!

Vehicle Loans. When we refer to “vehicle loans”, we mean you can use a title to a car, truck, motorcycle, RV, boat, trailer, or even ATV. To acquire a title loan, this means Affordable Title Loans becomes the lienholder of your vehicle until the loan is paid in full. While this is generally how title loans work, we have different approaches depending on the vehicle you wish to use as collateral for your loan. Some storage fees may also apply. Please call for more information.

Lowest Rates. Affordable Title Loans is confident and proud to say that we offer the lowest title loan rates in the Utah, Idaho, and Nevada areas. Some of our competitors will charge you double or triple the interest rates that we offer. For more information on our rates or calculating your loan, visit our site.

Finally, Affordable Title Loansreally goes above and beyond to make a difference in customers’ debt management issues. We truly believe in treating customers with respect and compassion for their situations, as well as provide them with true debt management options that will help them with their financial futures.

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