Money Management Tips for Business Owners

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We’ve talked a great deal about how individuals—at various ages and life stages—can effectively manage money. But what about business owners? Many business owners are forced to dip into their own personal savings and resources in order to fund their businesses.

Unfortunately, most businesses fail within the first five years of operation For those unfortunate business owners who put in a great deal of their own personal resources, such as liquidated property, retirement savings or other investments, not to mention their own blood, sweat, and tears to only watch their businesses fail after five years or even less, it can be devastating.

So how do business owners get out of debt, begin to rebuild, and even start fresh? Here are some tips to help business owners with debt management and even to manage money before things get too out of hand.

Operate within your means. One of the best pieces of advice when managing individual finances is to live within your means. The same goes for business. It’s important to operate within budget restraints of your business.

Sometimes it’s even easier to spend business money because some business owners might not consider it tied to personal cash flow and resources. But this is all too often a mistake. Just as it is incredibly important to stick to a personal budget, businesses need to operate within budgets as well.

Only borrow what is needed. Additionally, it might be easier for business owners to borrow money to boost start up capital. But sometimes business owners will end up borrowing too much and then find themselves unable to pay back creditors or even make payments on the note.

As businesses start up, income can be shaky or even a little unpredictable or inconsistent. Therefore, borrowing too much money in the beginning can be a recipe for disaster if business owners aren’t careful.

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