Money Management Tips for Starting a New Job

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Congratulations! You’re starting a job! How exciting…and maybe even a little scary. But regardless whether it’s your first job or a new job, making the transition can come with some financial impacts.

It may sound ironic that starting a job can create some financial strains, but they can still happen—from adjusting to a different pay scale or pay schedule. Here are some tips on how to manage debt and money through the transition to your new job.

Pay attention to pay cycles. If you are unsure of your new employer’s pay schedule, find out. Find out if you are paid on a weekly, bi-weekly, or semi-monthly schedule. If you are used to being paid on a weekly basis at your old job and now you must adjust to a bi-weekly schedule, then this might come with some financial strains. Plan accordingly.

Make sure you have benefits. If your new employer will be paying for a portion of your benefits—health insurance, in particular—then you want to make sure your paychecks accurately reflect those deductions. Many errors can happen during payroll cycles, so it is best to make sure those numbers are accurate. Once you have received a few paychecks, you will then be able to plan finances more carefully.

Adjust your budget. Once you’ve gotten a few paychecks and you know about how much each paycheck will bring in, then it’s time to adjust your personal budgets. Are you making more or less? Most people who take a new job often make a little bit more than their previous job, however, some folks are required to take pay cuts if they changed jobs or industries entirely.

All in all, find out what your new numbers look like and figure out how you can apply your new figures and align them with your new budget. If you are making more money, how can you pay off debt? How can you boost your savings or retirement? If you are making less, what expenses can you trim? What expenses can you cut and by how much? You can make anything work…it’s just all about planning.

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