5 Foolproof Solutions to Become Debt Free

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We borrow money, we spend money, and we borrow more. It’s the American way. But being in debt is also no fun. If not properly managed, it can ruin lives. Of course there are other situations that often lead to debt such as divorce, death, medical bills and other illnesses.

But regardless of why you are in debt, here are five foolproof solutions to becoming debt-free right now.

1. Make larger payments. In order to start paying off debt faster, try making larger payments to credit cards, getting ahead on bills, or even larger installment payments. Even if your required payment amount is manageable and easily affordable, in order to pay it off sooner, start contributing more.

2. Borrow from savings. If you have an established savings, then you may want to consider borrowing from that savings in order to pay off debt—especially if that particular debt is charging you astronomical interest rates or fees, such as credit cards. It will help you become and remain debt-free longer if you pay off debt faster. But, be careful not to drain your savings in case an emergency happens.

3. Borrow from family or friends. If you urgently need to pay off debt, then you may want to consider borrowing a lump sum from trustworthy family or friends. Of course, not everyone in your life might be in the situation to help, but paying off your debt faster means you are out of the whole and you can pay back your family or friends as you can.

4. Personal loans. Personal loans aren’t for everyone, but for those who are in a desperate financial situation who need to tackle debt in other areas of life, a personal loan might be a viable solution. However, you will likely need good credit to ask for a personal loan from a traditional lending institution.

5. Title loans. If none of the above solutions will work for you, don’t give up hope. Title loans might be the solution you need to become debt free.

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