How a Good Spring Clean Can Help Money Management

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The time for Spring cleaning comes once per year. And although we are at the end of Spring and officially ready for the start of summer, there’s still time to get the last of our spring cleaning done.

In fact, while we are cleaning our homes, garages, basements, and apartments, did you also know that a good spring clean—and even cleanliness, in general—can also improve money management?

What on Earth does cleaning have to do with money management? Keeping a clean home office, workspace, or even an organized lifestyle can help individuals keep track of money management.

Get Organized. Sometimes just spending a little necessary time with our checkbooks or money management apps can make all the difference…even if it’s not the most exciting task to be doing—or your favorite. Of course we’d rather be spending time outside in the gorgeous weather or at the beach, but taking a little time to assess money management and debt management can really make or break the summer.

If you are fortunate enough to have a home office or workspace where you have a family computer or laptop, sometimes even cleaning up this space and keeping it organized can make all the difference in money management. Creating files, ledgers, and all incoming and outgoing bills all in an organized area can help you stay on track with finances and avoid missing unpaid bills or delinquent letters.

Streamline the Spring. Organizing is step one, but streamlining a process for organizing, paying bills, and keeping track of finances is step two. This might be a more difficult process, but one that is necessary all the same. Take the time to “spring clean” and streamline your finances.

Streamlining is the key to consistency, and consistency is the key to efficiency.

Take a Step Back. Finally, after you’ve taken the time to organize, clean up, streamline, and really get a handle of money management and debt management, it’s time to take a step back and assess and visualize your progress.

Give Your Finances a Good Spring Clean…Before Summer! Before the summer heat waves hit, it’s a good idea to assess your finances, your debt management, and see where you are at in terms of your money management goals after the first half of the year. Are you ahead? Are you behind? Or are you right on track? Assess where you were at the beginning of the year compared to now…and “spring clean” as necessary.

Finally, while money management and debt management is crucial regardless of the time of year, taking the remainder of the spring to “spring clean” your finances can really make the difference—or make you or break you financially—for the rest of the year.

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