How to Avoid These 4 Common Money Traps

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We all fall into money traps every once in awhile. This is just a fact of life…and of being an adult. Whether it’s due to overspending, under-budgeting, or still living by the notion that money grows on trees, the best way to avoid money traps is to change your frame of mind.

That’s right. Money traps are often mental. By changing how you think about money and how you spend it, you can avoid debt, feeling broke all the time, and learn and grasp how to really manage money.

Money Doesn’t Really Grow on Trees. Seriously. Okay. This statement is obvious, but isn’t really meant literally here. This is just a mere reminder to alter your thinking that money must be earned. Regardless of how much or how little we make, we all think at one point or another “I need to make more”. But, easier said than done, right? If we could all walk into a store or company and ask for a high-paying job or walk into our boss’s office and demand more money, I’m sure we’d all do it. But reality is, we can’t.

So not to be a Negative Nelly, but what is the solution here? We need to treat every dollar we earn like gold. We don’t mean be stingy or greedy, but recognizing the value of every hard-earned dollar can really impact how you think about money…for the positive.

Think Big…at the Right Time. We’ve all heard the expression “think big” in life. Whether that is in our jobs, our homes and families, the trips we plan, or the things we buy. We should always think big. But those who struggle with money and debt management know that thinking big all the time isn’t what it is built up to be.

The answer here: Should you think big? Yes. BUT it’s important to take this step when you are financially prepared and able, or else this just leads to bigger pools of debt. For example, you might be struggling to pay off debt and save for a down payment on a house for you and your family. Thinking of your dream home is thinking big. But can you drop $20,000 on a new home just yet? Maybe not. But taking the necessary planning steps to get there might be where you start. Then, we you are ready to take the plunge, think big.

Money Can’t Buy Happiness…or Can It? We’ve also all been reminded at one point or another that money can’t buy happiness. And while this is true, there is a certain level of comfort and happiness that comes from being financially comfortable. While it isn’t the solution to everything, money can solve a lot of problems. But…as most of us know…it can also create problems if we aren’t careful.

Finally, keeping these mental money traps in the forefront of our minds can help drastically in money management and debt management.

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