4 Money Management Strategies that Really Work

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What are the top three topics that people dislike talking about the most, or try to avoid? Most would agree they are politics, religion, and, well, money. Money is always such a complicated issue. It causes tension, stress, nerves, worry, is the biggest source of most people’s troubles. We never seem to have enough money, we owe too much, things cost too much, and we can’t save or invest enough. So what are some money management strategies that would work?

Don’t take shortcuts. There are no secrets when it comes to money management strategies. The concept is quite simple: Don’t spend more than what you make, and live within your means. This will avoid insurmountable debts, defaulting on loans, repossession of assets, foreclosures, and dings to your credit reports, all keeping you financially stable and healthy.

Cut expenses. This should be your first solution whenever you begin to notice finances getting tight or troublesome. Maybe you lost your job, or you are paying for the care of an ill friend or family member, or you are in the middle of a divorce. Try cutting back on your cable bill, select cheaper brands at the store, avoid going out for that pizza or Chinese food, or any other miscellaneous or unnecessary spending where you feel like you can go without for some time.

Get automatic. One way you can ensure that your bills are paid on time for specific amounts, or that a portion (regardless of how large or small) of your paycheck goes into your savings, set up automatic deposits and withdrawals with all your accounts. This will force you to ensure you have enough resources to make even the minimum payments and that even a small amount of money is going into your savings. If an emergency comes up, at least you know some money is there.

Stop making excuses. This might be the hardest one to hear. When it comes to paying your bills or saving money, or not having enough money for either, stop making excuses. If you want to get out of debt bad enough, you’ll sacrifice and make it happen. Cut back on expenses, set smaller budgets, or sell items you no longer can pay for or need to start tackling debt and getting back on track. Remember, no one takes care of you but you.

Of course, everyone encounters financial emergencies in their lives where they have no choice but to max out that credit card, empty what little you have in your savings account, or even seek out a personal loan. But what about the individuals that don’t have these options, particularly those with limited or poor credit history? The answer is Affordable Title Loans.

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