Debt Management Company Failures and Title Loan Company Successes

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Individuals who are struggling to pay bills, or struggling with too much debt, or feel like they have nowhere else to turn often seek the advice and help from debt management firms. Debt management firms help individuals with consolidation solutions and repayment arrangements. However, unfortunately debt management firms have recently proven to do more harm than good.

Individuals who seek debt management firms end up with a larger problem than where they started. Debt management firms end up adding on charges and fees to an individual’s overall debt. As a result, individuals’ payments are being applied to those additional charges and fees rather than being applied to their debt. 

One can clearly see where and how quickly this could get out of control…especially for an individual who is already struggling to begin with. In fact, recent reports and studies have shown that almost a quarter of those individuals who reach out to debt management firms end up eventually entering into Individual Voluntary Arrangements or filing for bankruptcy.

Furthermore, some debt management companies are mismanaged or disorganized, making it even more difficult for individuals to pay off their debt. Some debt management companies’ marketing tactics are even questionable. Some utilize crafty cold-calling strategies, charging excessive front-loading fees, and even delaying in sending in creditor payments…further subjecting the individual to collection calls, threats, other fees and penalties, and sinking him or her further into debt.

If you are an individual who is struggling financially, who is in debt, and feel like you have no way out, and you are reading this, all hope is not lost. There are still debt management strategies available that are safe, reliable, and really will help get you out of debt…for good. Consider Utah title loan companies. Affordable Title Loans is a title loan storelocated in both Utah and currently expanding into Idaho that helps individuals solve their debt concerns.

Affordable Title Loans understands the urgency and need for cash fast. This is why Affordable Title Loans offers title loans for individuals in as little as fifteen minutes. An individual’s car title is used as collateral for a loan. Affordable Title Loans offers fair and lower interest rates than some of its competitors. In fact, Affordable Title Loans has one of the lowest default rates around. This is because they believe in working with individuals for debt management solutions, not gain off those who may be in a vulnerable economic state.

Affordable Title Loans understands that sometimes individuals who are struggling with debt and finances have nowhere else to turn. Today, we still live in difficult and challenging economic times. This is a large reason why many debt management companies are capitalizing off those who need help. But by offering individuals good title loans they not only pay off their debt, but they start on the road to comfortable, financial freedom and security.

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