3 Insanely Easy Ways You Can Plan for Financial Emergencies

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Planning for a financial emergency doesn’t take brain surgery, although it may feel like it from time to time. Thinking about money can often make our brains hurt. And regardless of whether we are trying to pay off credit cards, pay towards a mortgage, save for retirement (or save at all…), or even pay off a personal loan from a family member or friend, we all have the same financial problem: we never have enough. So what do we do in times of financial emergency? Here are some three money management strategies that will easily help.

Go to the Mattresses. How can we talk about money without a Godfather reference? The point here? Set up an emergency fund and save what you can. Financial experts say that a good emergency fund should include approximately six months’ worth of your pay. Depending on what this amount is, this could be a piece of cake, or create that pit in your stomach. However, stick with what you can handle; even if it is as little as $20 per week is better than nothing. You will be surprised to see how much you can grow over time. Whether it’s a sick loved one or a broken transmission, even a few hundred or a thousand dollars can prove to be a HUGE help in times of a financial emergency.

Live Within Your Means. Easier said than done, right? Maybe. Cutting back on expenses is the tried and true way to open up cash flow to pay off larger expenses, and even to sank more into your savings account, or “the mattresses”. Again, even if you cut back on as little as $20 per week, it’s better than nothing. Cutting back on expenses could be cutting the cable bill, cutting back on going out or ordering take out, or just miscellaneous, unnecessary purchases. If you really penny pinch and budget crunch, you’d be surprised what you are able to save out of a salary or paycheck…no matter how small it may seem.

Title Loans. In desperate times of financial emergencies, there is always the option of taking out affordable title loans. Title loans give individuals the option to pay off debt, pay bills, and get ahead fast! This is why title loans are a great option for a financial emergency. Some title loan applications are approved in as little as fifteen minutes! In a desperate financial emergency, you don’t have time to waste.

Affordable Title Loans is relatively new to the industry, but is a hard and fast player and is coming out on top. Affordable Title Loans is known for their expertise, professionalism, and friendly hospitality towards individuals struggling with finances. This is why they have expanded title loan stores from Utah into Idaho, with intentions to open at least five additional title loan stores in Idaho this year alone.

Working with a trustworthy and reputable Utah title loan company will also guarantee individuals a peace of mind knowing their financial situations are in the hands of a title loan company they can trust. This is why you can count on Affordable Title Loans…not just a catchy business name.

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