Poor Money Skills? Where to Seek Help…and Fast!

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Individuals encounter money management problems at least one point or another in their lives. Money is probably one of the leading causes of stress in humans. There are a number of legitimate reasons for money stress: unemployment, high amount of debt, family illness or death, or even divorce.

However, some individuals just have poor money management skills and habits. We aren’t all mathematicians and accountants. In fact, 2014 is the first year in the last five years where Americans didn’t seek out financial help due to job loss. So for those who struggle with managing money, where do you seek help? Some will seek out the help of an accountant or financial advisor or other type of financial counseling resource. While these are viable resources, title loans are another option for those who need immediate debt and cash relief.

Going back to the above statistic, to further that point, the bigger problem is that financials are struggling more with oversized and overwhelming debts, particularly in the areas of credit cards and other forms of unsecured debt. In fact, most Americans have an average of at least five credit cards all with open balances. It’s easy to see how individuals easily sink themselves into debt.

So what is an easy way to rid debt, particularly unsecured debt, which is no doubt hurting credit scores? Count on Affordable Title Loans for fast cash to knock down some of that debt and free up cash flow.

How do affordable title loans work? Title loan applicants who seek out title loans for debt management solutions will sign over a vehicle title to Affordable Title Loansas collateral for the loan. Loan amounts are typically on the smaller side, ranging from $1,000 to $5,000.

So what makes a title loan more effective than a traditional or personal bank loan? Title loans are the perfect solution for individuals who have poor or limited credit history that may have trouble obtaining a traditional loan. Interest rates on title loans tend to be a bit higher, due to the high-risk nature of most title loan applicants, but aren’t as high as some competing title loan companies. Affordable Title Loans ensures some of the lowest title loan interest rates in the Utah and Idaho areas.

Affordable Title Loans takes great pride in working with clients who are looking to solve their debt and money problems quickly and efficiently. Affordable Title Loans goes the extra mile for each and every client. We believe that there are no two clients alike; each individual has his or her own unique financial situation, which requires the utmost care, attention, and flexibility on our end. These are just a few reasons why Affordable Title Loans stands out from the rest.

Poor money management skills? No problem, and don’t stress. Call Affordable Title Loans in either of our title loan store locations in Utah and Idaho.

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