Debt Management is the Reason You Need Help Now

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We live in troubling times today. After the start of the recession and the economic downturn in 2008, things became even more troubling. There was job loss, loss of pensions, and an increase in prices, all within a few short years. These are just a few reasons why debt has increased among American citizens over the last several years. And while the economy is finally on the mend, and people are slowly recovering little by little, the end isn’t quite as near for some others who are really struggling with debt management.

Debt management is difficult to tackle, especially with limited or no cash flow. But rather than wait, because the situation can only promise to worsen over time, individuals should get the help they need now to tackle debt fast. But when family, friends, and a traditional bank aren’t options, where do individuals in similar situations turn to? Affordable Title Loans.

Affordable Title Loans is a debt management company that offers title loans as solutions to debt management and other cash flow crises. We work with individuals struggling with their financial situations to get them cash and minimize their debt as quickly as possible. We take applications and approve some title loans in as little as fifteen minutes.

So how do title loans work? Title loans are different than traditional bank loans, such as personal loans. Title loans require the applicant to sign over his or her vehicle title to Affordable Title Loans to use as collateral for a loan. Once the loan is paid in full, then the title is returned to the borrower. Title loans are usually lent in small, lump sums, such as $1,000 to $5,000, which could be just enough cash that an individual may need to pay off debt or pay bills to get ahead.

One of the reasons why title loans often have a bad name or reputation is because they can come with some pretty steep interest rates. Some title loans have interest rates as high as 300%! Depending on the amount lent, interest can often add up to more than what the loan was borrowed for, making a debt management situation for some individuals even worse.

In an effort to help, Affordable Title Loans tries to be the good guys in a bad situation (not to mention a tough industry). We offer some title loans as low as 150%, which is half of what our competitors offer. We believe in helping individuals get out of debt quicker and for good, and do not believe in taking advantage of our clients who are in troubling financial situations. This is just one reason why we stand out from our competitors and the crowd and have a reputation as the good guys. We also have the lowest default rates of our competitors. Furthermore, we’ve also opened up additional locations in Utah and Idaho to help expand our client reach.

Affordable Title Loansrecognizes the difficulty and challenge that can come with debt management. Regardless of the reason why you are in debt, be it due to job loss, divorce, a family illness, or even just a lack of education or poor money skills, we can help. We recognize that no two clients or financial situations are alike. We believe in helping not hurting our clients and help get them the financial help they need and deserve.

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