4 Easy Ways to Manage Money While on Vacation

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It’s finally Summer. The warm weather is hopefully here to stay for the season, and it’s time to get out, enjoy the sun, have some fun, and even plan vacations. But what is needed to be able to do these things? Money. Just because it’s summer time and vacation is probably in the near future, doesn’t mean all money management plansand goals go out the window. Here are some tips on how to maintain money management even through the summer months.

Small Vacations. Not everyone has the time or money to go on long, lavish, and luxurious vacations. Air fare, hotel accommodations, meals, outings, and other forms of entertainment can add up and become pretty costly. So rather than sink further into debt, keep vacations small and relatively local in order to avoid air fare or keep gas consumption as low as possible, make meals such as sandwiches for day trips to keep costs low, and even plan on visiting free tourist attractions, such as a national park or a beach, in order to avoid museum or even amusement park admissions, which also can get pretty costly.

Day Trips. Even if you can’t afford to even take a few days away, you can always plan to take a few days off from work, if needed, and plan short day trips to local attractions. This avoids most travel costs such as air fare, transportation, lodging, etc. and can even be planned on a flexible schedule in between time off from work and around holidays.

Set a Budget. For those individuals who can afford to take off and head for the beach or the mountains for a few days to a week, you can still maintain a budget. You could plan a trip within driving distance, split hotel accommodations and lodging costs by inviting extended family or friends to join your road trip, or even plan entertainment and other attractions so as to know what they cost ahead of time so you can plan and budget accordingly. Once you’ve mapped out your trip, you might be able to find other creative ways to cut costs and stick to your budget.

Plan a Staycation. If you have the time to take off from work, but can’t afford to travel anywhere, why not consider a staycation? Staycations mean just what they are: staying at home for vacation. Staycations are becoming more and more popular today, and we are hearing this term more often, especially since the downturn of the economy in 2008. Staycations are an opportunity to stay home and do fun DIY projects at home or even take day trips, as mentioned above.

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