Basic Debt Management for the Elderly

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We all need a little help with money sometimes. Regardless of our age, income, tax bracket, or how much money we have or don’t have, planning and managing finances is part of our daily lives. Some age groups, however, need a little extra help managing money than others. One age group is the elderly.

It’s a common fact that as the elderly age, the ability to manage finances is the first area of life that becomes harder. Some make double payments in the same month while forgetting to pay others, fall behind on investments or accounts, or even lose bills, checks or cash. This situation can spiral out of control very quickly if not managed properly, and can even sink an elderly individual into debt.

Debt at an elderly age can be disastrous. Many older folks rely on social security benefits, or supplemental social security income, as their primary income source, which can be very little. Therefore, if an elderly person forgets to pay his or her bills, or mismanages his or her finances in any way and slips into debt, it could be twice as difficult for them to get out. Furthermore, an elderly person struggling with debt could even be hazardous because it could affect his or her health if they do not have the means to seek medical attention, if needed, or purchase necessary medications.

Luckily there are many financial tools and resources available today that the elderly can take advantage of, none of which compromise an elderly individual’s independence. Some of these tools and resources include Smartphone or mobile device apps that set reminders to pay bills and assist with money management.

While money and financial management apps have proven to be very popular and effective among many adults, not all elderly have the experience or ability to navigate technology nor do they have the desire to learn technology. For those elderly who prefer to work with a live human being, there are full-service entities that manage all investments, accounts, and portfolios on an individual’s behalf. These financial service providers can be acquired at affordable rates; a small price to pay for ongoing financial and debt management and support.

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