Money Management for the Holidays

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Did you know there are less than 50 days until Christmas? The holiday season is rapidly approaching and is just about upon us. Some individuals have already begun their holiday shopping. And while the holiday season can be busy with parties, making travel arrangements, planning meals, and shopping, spending money can get out of control. Here are some basic money management tips to keep control of your expenses and spending this holiday season.

Plan and organize. ‘Tis the season to be overwhelmed. It’s easy to become stressed and overwhelmed when you think about the all the gifts you’d like to buy for friends and family, as well as the costs and expenses associated with gift-buying, hosting parties, and travel. However, reduce your stress this holiday season by organizing and planning ahead of time.

One way to effectively track gift buying and costs is to make a list or spreadsheet, set up a separate bank account, or participate in a Christmas club through a bank. Find the best way to manage and track gifts, expenses, and stick to a budget throughout the season. This will ensure you maintain all expenses, plan for each one, as well as avoid overspending.

Watch for deals. Each year most retail stores will put out advertisements promoting sales and other promotions. Additionally, newspapers and other ads will often publish articles on the stores that have the best deals for the season. Keep watch for these publications so you know you are always getting the best deals when you are doing your holiday shopping. Sometimes, if you really pay attention to ads and sales, you could end up saving more than what you originally planned and allocated.

Don’t forget about your own bills. While it is the season to think and buy for others, don’t forget about your own bills. During the holiday season, it is easy to go a little crazy and overspend. However, while it may be exciting to buy and wrap gifts for children, friends, and family, it’s important not to forget about your regular bills. While you might be planning and saving for gifts, you don’t want this efficiency to have an adverse effect and put you in a deeper hole with your regular bills.

One way to avoid doing this is saving a little each week or every other week from each paycheck. That way, when it’s time to begin your holiday shopping, you will already have a little put aside that is extra that you will be able to spend on gifts, without forgetting about your own bills.

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