Money Management for Retirees

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We’ve talked a lot about money management for students, young adults, 30-somethings, and all the life milestones and events in between. And while retirement is at the end of each road, it doesn’t always mean it is easy. In fact, many retirees struggle with money management as often as any other age group or individuals.

Rising health care costs. One big reason why retirees struggle with money management is due to the ever increasing health care costs. Between co-pays for physicians’ office visits, prescriptions, and medical procedures, it can cost retirees thousands and thousands of dollars each year to get the proper health care they need, never mind on top of living expenses.

Increase in the cost of living. Similar to the rise in health care costs, the cost of living continues to increase each year, making it harder and harder for struggling individuals to stay afloat. Rent, gas, heating, food, electricity, and all resources we need are all increasing in cost. However, minimum wage and social security benefits don’t quite make the cut for a lot of retirees to survive.

Decreased retirement benefits. As mentioned in the previous point briefly, retirement benefits continue to decrease forcing many retirees to get a part time job or live in poverty. For those retirees who don’t have a nest egg saved for themselves, they are likely to find it even more difficult to survive retirement, or be able to happily retire at all.

Unfortunately, it is extremely sad to see the elderly running cash registers or performing custodial tasks at restaurants or retail stores. However, many are forced to enter back into the work force because they still need to bring in some form of income to keep up with the increase in expenses and health care costs. This is why ensuring proper money and debt management is extremely important for any individual’s overall well being and survival, especially later in life.

For those individuals who struggle financially earlier in life, it’s important to keep in mind the importance of saving and investing as much as possible to take care of those emergencies as well as ensure you will be able to live and enjoy retirement as much as possible in the future. No one wants to make the sacrifices that some elderly and retirees must make at an older age, however, many are forced to as a result of the economy and lack of planning.

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