4 Tips to Increase the Value of Your Vehicle

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If you’ve reached the epitome of financial struggle, then you may have considered title loans as a solution to your short-term debt management problems. Title loans are the perfect debt management solution for those individuals who are struggling financially, who are looking to pay off debt quickly, and who cannot acquire a traditional personal loan from a lending or financial institution due to poor or insufficient credit history. While title loans can be effective debt management options, they can also be expensive if you aren’t careful. Consider working with a reputable title loan companybefore acquiring any title loans.

How to Stick to a Budget

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Setting and sticking to a budget is probably the most difficult part to money management. However, with a little education and discipline, it is possible to not only set a budget, but still to it in order to get a hold of debt management and reach your money management goals.

So where do you start? Follow these simple tips to becoming debt free and taking charge of your finances today.

What Money Management Really Means to You

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When you think about money, what is your level of concern? Do you manage a set budget? Do you know what your income is? Do you know your expenses and how much you spend on a weekly or monthly basis? Do you have any money in savings? What is your overall level of involvement in your finances and what level of importance does money play in your life?

If you answered “I’m not sure” to any of these, then it is possible that your money mind set isn’t as important as it should be. It’s true that some folks are better at managing money than others, and, no, not everyone is accountant, but you don’t have to have a Bachelor’s in Finance or an MBA to properly manage money. There’s still time to change your mind set, and here are some ways to do it.

4 Crazy Financial Mistakes the Rich Make

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Everyone struggles with money at one point or another in life. Regardless of who you are, what you do, or how much you make, it’s bound to happen. And, yes, this even goes for the wealthy. The truth is, even the wealthy make financial mistakes that can significantly cost them.

Here are four areas where the incredibly wealthy can often slip up and end up in a financial downturn.

Taxes. We see all the time celebrities and the incredibly wealthy that owe millions in back taxes. A certain level of wealth can come along with an invincible attitude among many. Many claim that they since they’ve contributed to society on such a powerful and great level they don’t feel they need to pay taxes or some due to the high-powered lifestyle “just forgot”. So from there, we proceed to the next reason…

Success vs. Finances. Many celebrities or the incredibly wealthy will often confuse success in their careers with finances. When income continuously flows into the bank account, and it isn’t properly invested or managed, it can be easy to spend and spend until it is depleted. The wealthy don’t realize that bank accounts do have a bottom, and that bottom is financial ruin.

Retirement. The wealthy will most often lead a successful life and career to only retire, sometimes at a young age, and bask in their millions for the rest of their lives. However, the same concept above applies true here as well. After a wealthy individual retires, if they haven’t properly invested their income through life, they will surely outlive their retirement savings.

Enough is enough. Then, the most obvious reason the wealthy can end up in financial downturn and struggle is spending. Houses, cars, furniture, jewelry, boats, and all the great luxurious items we all dream of, the wealthy has. But at what cost? The cost of everything…including financial stability and comfort.

The moral of the story here? Even if you make millions, or at least six figures a year, you still need some form of a budget to control finances. Investing and saving is just as important as if you made only $40,000 a year. Spending habits, credit habits, and investing behavior are all still as important. The concept between income levels and tax brackets is the same, but obviously the numbers are different. Regardless of whether we are talking about $1,000,000 or $100,000, money still requires proper management.

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Basic Debt Management for the Elderly

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We all need a little help with money sometimes. Regardless of our age, income, tax bracket, or how much money we have or don’t have, planning and managing finances is part of our daily lives. Some age groups, however, need a little extra help managing money than others. One age group is the elderly.

It’s a common fact that as the elderly age, the ability to manage finances is the first area of life that becomes harder. Some make double payments in the same month while forgetting to pay others, fall behind on investments or accounts, or even lose bills, checks or cash. This situation can spiral out of control very quickly if not managed properly, and can even sink an elderly individual into debt.

Why Disaster Planning Should Start Early

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The summer is drawing to an end and it’s time to start thinking about going back to school, or getting your first job. You had the summer to live it up. But now, regardless of what year you are returning to, or whether you’ve finally graduated and aren’t returning to school for the first time in your life, it’s also time to start crunching down on money management.

For those young adults who are just getting their feet wet and are eager to jump in and start life, it’s important not to forget about the basics of money management. One of the basics includes disaster planning.

4 Easy Ways to Manage Money While on Vacation

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It’s finally Summer. The warm weather is hopefully here to stay for the season, and it’s time to get out, enjoy the sun, have some fun, and even plan vacations. But what is needed to be able to do these things? Money. Just because it’s summer time and vacation is probably in the near future, doesn’t mean all money management plansand goals go out the window. Here are some tips on how to maintain money management even through the summer months.

Debt Management is the Reason You Need Help Now

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We live in troubling times today. After the start of the recession and the economic downturn in 2008, things became even more troubling. There was job loss, loss of pensions, and an increase in prices, all within a few short years. These are just a few reasons why debt has increased among American citizens over the last several years. And while the economy is finally on the mend, and people are slowly recovering little by little, the end isn’t quite as near for some others who are really struggling with debt management.

4 Shocking Signs You Have Poor Money Management Skills

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Why does money management make us all groan? Is it because it’s boring, time-consuming, stressful, or all of the above? Regardless of how you feel about money management, it is a crucial part of our financial security, future, security, and life. Even though you might dislike money management, here are some signs you might need to do a little bit more planning.

How to Manage Money Like a Grown Up

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We've discussed various basics to debt and money management. We've also discussed how money management is one of the responsibilities and areas in life that adults dislike and stress about the most. It's high on the list of stressors and the reasons couples argue and can even lead to the break down and dissolution of marriages. But it doesn't have to be this way. Here are some extremely simple ways to be an adult when managing your money.

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