How to Save Money…and Your Marriage

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Money management is an area where most adults struggle. It can be time-consuming, stressful, and just not a whole lot of fun. Not to mention, money management is difficult for just about everyone today. Did you also know that one of the top reasons why marriages and relationships fail is due to money? It’s a proven fact that money is one of the top five things that couples argue about. Here are some tips on how to save money, deal with money management, and save your marriage.

Why is Money Management So Hard Today?

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No one likes to figure out budgets, unless you are a financial wizard. Setting and sticking to a budget can be time-consuming, stressful, and just annoying…not to mention difficult. Many would agree that they find it harder and harder to figure out what they can spend. But why? Is it our spending habits? Is it our debt management strategies or lack thereof? Or a lack of education on how to properly manage finances? Or maybe a little bit of everything.

Money Management Tips for Recent Grads

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We’ve talked a lot about title loans and the many purposes they serve. Title loans were created to help financially struggling individuals with debt management as well as securing funding for this purpose. Title loans are also designed for individuals who also have limited or poor credit and cannot secure funding through traditional lending methods, such as a personal loan from a bank.

So are title loans for everyone? Maybe. If you are struggling with debt or to pay your bills, affordable title loans may work for you. However, they should be sought out in extreme, desperate cases and circumstances, or for difficult life milestones. While most would think title loansaren’t for young people, it wouldn’t be the first time when a young adult had to seek out a title loan to settle their debt.

Poor Money Skills? Where to Seek Help…and Fast!

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Individuals encounter money management problems at least one point or another in their lives. Money is probably one of the leading causes of stress in humans. There are a number of legitimate reasons for money stress: unemployment, high amount of debt, family illness or death, or even divorce.

However, some individuals just have poor money management skills and habits. We aren’t all mathematicians and accountants. In fact, 2014 is the first year in the last five years where Americans didn’t seek out financial help due to job loss. So for those who struggle with managing money, where do you seek help? Some will seek out the help of an accountant or financial advisor or other type of financial counseling resource. While these are viable resources, title loans are another option for those who need immediate debt and cash relief.

Why Affordable Title Loans Are the Good Guys

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Most people have at least heard of car title loansat one point or another, either on radio ads, TV commercials, the Internet and social media, or just in passing. However, only a handful of the same majority of people know really what they are and how they work.

Car title loans are a debt management option for individuals who are severely struggling to pay off their current debt or even to pay their bills. Title loans are also marketed to those same struggling individuals who also have limited or poor credit history and cannot seek out traditional lending methods, such as personal loan from a bank. In these cases, an individual will borrow a small lump sum of cash, typically between $1000 and $5000 at a time, and the title loan company will use an individual's car or vehicle title as collateral until the loan is paid back in full.

How to Solve the Scariest Credit Problems

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Are you in a challenging and troubling financial situation? Were you recently denied for a traditional bank loan due to a poor or limited credit history? Did you once have great credit but then ran into some trouble due to an immediate death, divorce, illness, or sudden job loss? There are plenty of reasons and causes for poor credit. Sometimes it’s easy to maintain good credit, while other times it isn’t, due to a series of unfortunate events or overspending.

Here are some of the most common situations that result in a poor credit score:

Solving the Biggest Title Loan Problems with These Simple Repayment Tips

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If you are struggling financially, then you might be desperately looking for ways to get out of or repay debt without sacrificing what assets you may have or without compromising your home or vehicle. Car title loansare a way to pay off your debt, yes, however they can be a little overwhelming to pay back.

So how do you avoid worrying about paying off your car title loan? And how do you avoid losing your car title or vehicle? Have no fear. Here are some tips on repaying your car title loan so you can get out of debt faster, and for good!

The Best Answers to the Worst Advice about Title Loans

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If you are in a troubling financial situation and have nowhere to turn for help, then you may have considered title loans at one point or another. But how do you know if they are right for you? It’s no secret that many title loan companies are in the business to take advantage of title loan applicants by offering steep interest rates, strict payment schedules, and even unfair or unethical loan terms. These reasons alone would make anyone a little leery about asking for a title loan.

While we wish these disadvantages were only myths, the truth is there are some companies that are in the industry to offer fair and more reasonable title loans for struggling individuals, and to really make a difference. One of those title loan companies is Affordable Title Loans.

Keep Calm and Read These 3 Title Loan Tidbits

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Imagine this—or maybe you don’t have to because you are living it: You are broke, you are thousands of dollars in debt, and you have limited or poor credit history, no cash for a down payment, and no assets to use as loan collateral. You literally have nowhere and no one to turn to. If any or all of these situations apply to you, then look no further than Utah title loans.

Tax Season is Over, but Money Management Never Ends

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Tax season is over for another year! But before the rejoicing begins, don’t quite put next year’s tax time behind just yet. Consider following these money management tips to ensure that tax season goes smoothly next year. What better time than the present to get your money management strategies on track for next year?

The Top 3 Money Management Apps You Can’t Live Without

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April is “Financial Literacy” month! Did you know that 58 percent of American adults own a Smartphone? Did you know that at least 40 percent of adults use a tablet? It’s no secret that Smartphones and tablets are replacing desktop computers and even laptops. These devices have changed how we live our lives, including how we manage money.

Even if you are an individual who is struggling financially, you may still have a Smartphone or tablet at your disposal. If so, did you know that there are money management apps that can help you? Here are the top three money management apps you probably can’t live without. And the best part? Most of them are free!

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